Below are answers to some of our most commonly asked questions. If you cannot find the information you need, please contact us by emailing info@terencewoodgate.com or use the contact form on the Contact page. 

Q: Can your products be used with a halogen bulb?

 A: No; all of our products have been specifically developed and tested for use with LEDs and every fitting comes with the LED we recommend to be used. If you would prefer to use a different LED, please refer to the technical specification on the product page for information on the type of LED and maximum wattage that can be used.

Q: Is the LED you provide dimmable?

A: Yes, we include a dimmable LED as standard with all products in our Solid and Core collections. Please refer to the technical specification for further information. You can view or download the technical specification from the product page. 

Q: Have your products been safety-tested?

A: Our products have been tested and approved by the Lighting Industry Association. Please refer to the back of the product instruction manual for further information. You can view or download the instruction manual from the product page. 

Q: Can your products be used in a bathroom?

A: Our Solid and Core collections are both IP20 rated, meaning that they can be used in Zone 3 of a bathroom only. Please refer to an electrician for assistance on the safe placement of light fittings in a bathroom.

Q: How do I install your products?

A: Every fitting is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual showing step-by-step installation information. You can also view and download the instruction manual on the product page. We recommend that fittings should be installed by a qualified electrician.  

Q: What is the voltage of your products?

The fittings in our Solid and Core collections are mains voltage.

Q: Are your products suitable for use in the United States? 

A: Our fittings are mains voltage so can be used in the USA. However, the LEDs supplied as standard are 240V so are not suitable for the United States. We may be able to supply the product without the LED; please email info@terencewoodgate.com if you would like to look at this option.

Q: I would like to purchase a pendant product but would need a longer cable; is this possible?

A: Our Solid and Core collection pendants are supplied with 2 metres of cable as standard. A longer cable length can be supplied on request; please email info@terencewoodgate.com or call 01435 872677 for more information.